rubs, sponge baths, and somewhat cooler tub baths (89.6°-78.8°) are of

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cit., go well together. Even when there is evidently a syphilitic

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The monkey died October 11, with general peritonitis, cloudy swelling of the liver and

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c.c. should be given intravenously, if necessary repeated every six or

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3. The range of variation between individual quarters of a

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peroxide will check the growth of the bacteria of fermentation.

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Science an account of a girl, 12 years old, who always passed her

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[An excellent mouth-wash and gargle is the following copied from

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membership, in order to keep up their medical education, and

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of operation ; for of 271 cases not operated on, 115 died; while of 283

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History. — Three weeks ago the dog was bitten by a rabid dog. Four days ago

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7 thousandths or ten thousandths of a milligram, and later ^/loo, XV2 hun-

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in its centre an opening with depressed margins. The opening

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tick did not feed actively, as is shown by the absence of a hyperemic

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function of the afflicted organ, but they are very seldom, if ever,

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ive, greenish substance very similar in appearance to the material

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impure air ; and, therefore, artificial means of ventilation should

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was that the constant nictitation might remove the poisonous germs.

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that the processes are essentially distinct, the one presenting all the

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some cases, it may be advisable to remove the prohibition if the patient

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at the same time the skin is wet and fitted to give off water vapor. If

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{Filaria sanguinis, Distomum hcBmatohium) ; syphilis (rarely) ; ^ and

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and Lower Bengal, Hoogly, Nuddea or Jessore, and Bungpore.

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man as his steward, attorney, lawyer, coachman, or even as his

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"An advantage which the omission of fat from the diet affords is the

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to be a portion of omentum, I divided Gimbernat's ligament,

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in strength, and becomes epidemic in February, March, April, and

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with proper diet, hygiene, and occupation, succeed better in my

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