James Watson, M.D. — At the ripe age of eighty-four, this well-

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dermatology, family practice, internal medicine, ob/gyn,

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tem and St. Francis Health System have reminded us of

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The Health System of the Medical College of Georgia

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in almost immediately, if the sponge be kept applied.

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mation of the lungs, etc., and that without them very many patients

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the nutrition of their central parts, and the probability of softening

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a total extraperitoneal approach (TEP). In this ap-

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An M.D. and an herbalist are collaborating on a unique study of

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tickling of a young child. In adults the laughter cannot so readily

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one period amongst the Royal Marines, that many were invalided

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writing a check in a supermarket, or speaking in public.

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maintenance of airway surface liquid. It is thought

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bond and sympathy between the public and our profession is,

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3 seamen, 2 mill-workers, 2 tramps, 2 joiners, 2 shoemakers, 2

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in small studies.’ However, at this time data are

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that the only way they could help their son, who refused

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eyeglasses and hearing aids, for the same price that Min-

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emaciated, and he sleeps badly at night. Sensation and intelligence

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pursued was to try his practice, get his friends to try it, and to abide

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with eyelashes growing regularly, the puncta were permealDle. In

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As the 20th century ends, significant challenges remain

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stance does not, however, like the other dyslysine, more happily

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Dr Gordon thought the uterus could be more readily acted on

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the supervision of the Board of Lunacy, in the person, we believe,

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with the knob opposite the notch. When fairly inserted, the handle

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pects of medicine so they can more capably serve their