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in old pasture-fields than in other places. As a rule, it does

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in older children the flanks or subscapular spaces may be chosen as well.

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stars of this faculty were Joseph Pancoast and Samuel D.

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that he is. Before leaving the University it may be well to

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general. Some yet believe it to be due to a disturbed metabo-

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cedures. The fact should be borne in mind, however, that the wet

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furthermore an altogether too common occurrence, as the author

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became known and appreciated, a positive treatment was at command,

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not raise the temperature of the body, but on the contrary diminishes

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Experience has convinced me that thorough irrigation of the large

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lymphatics or through direct extension from adjacent structures.

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Society the first plea made in this country for the cold (Brand) bath

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ment of medicine as a whole, and not merely dealing with this

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at comparatively long and variable intervals of time. In nearly all the

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tions? Can the antistreptococci, the normal, immunized, or

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In an able monograph on the wet pack and massage, which is the

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bronchial troubles, as in old short-neck wheezers, as we may

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child endows it with greater susceptibility to the development of nervous

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All dust must be burned, and all utensils must be boiled, par-

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These are Professor W. H. Jordan's tables, and are valu-

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Hence the typical changes of the vessels of the pia after applications of

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soon recovered himself and promptly answered, " No ; but I

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has been met with, but is very rare as a complication. Reference has

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tions (rapidly changing temperatures, etc.) which are in operation in

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experimentation on the influence of thermic and mechanical irritants

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the case of a hsemophilic bleeding, to apply blood from a

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from the other at my suggestion. " Piteous appeals" did not deter

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the subsequent chapters which shall deal with the piractice of hydro-

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himself still. After all, this is not unnatural, for a life of'

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The surgeons in charge were generally local practitioners,

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importance. The anemic, debilitated, depressed jiatieni rinpiires

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grows, becomes more non-committal, and leaves a loophole

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ciless and institute severe treatment. The respiration is very much

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glands (Jacobi), and the history of a fall is common. A few cases have

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fistula in ano, for the sphincters are rigid, not relaxed under

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heart, they also increase its force. These results are undoubtedly brought

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