emotion. To hold otherwise is to substitute dogma for the evidence of experience.
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With urines containing bile, if the amount of urobilin is not very
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The method of Folin and Denis is based on a color reaction
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large stone was found. The gall-bladder was drained. There was
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Proceeding's of the President and Fellows of the Connecticut Medical Society, in
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For this affection the patient has tried a variety of trusses, with strong .springs
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pronounced. Later, paraplegia and the autopsy showed this to
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by an interval of consciousness, which lasted three quarters of an hour, then
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with much pain, brings no immediate danger, and may remain for many years,
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redder than natural, but no change could be detected in the lining membrane of
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normal antagonistic action of the diaphragm. Unfortunately, the
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Summary. Renal phenomena; marked splenic enlargement.
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quite open to conjecture, that a dose of the poison might have been given pre-
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This experience, she asserted, she could not bear to speak or even
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principles, and are prepared to prove that in many of its details it contradicts
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water had an offensive odour, or, as she expressed it, 'smelt feverish.' It was
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is directed by her physician to take a reclining position; but in hum-
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A small pericardial effusion may be demonstrated by other
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instances it reaches the normal base line during the next six months.
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on the 9th of March, compulsory vaccination was ordered for the
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uric acid has dropped to 1.6 mg. From March 28 to March 31 uric acid
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begin with the first formation of the human body; we must trace scrofula back to
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A man, aged forty-seven years, was operated at Lakeside Hospital
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at Alexandria, Virginia, under the direction of the late Dr. Elisha Cullen Dick,
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to resolve rapidly. If anything, the opposite seemed to be the
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signs were present in several other instances recorded in this
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upon glycerin-phosphate-agar become brownish, and the media