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de Lamballe, as he had about given up work, and died in a

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though not an absolute, immunity against subsequent attacks.

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General George Stirling Ryerson is now in rcsidenoe at the

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and masked forms of intermittents ; it may be combined with iron and

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mushrooms or toadstools in common vogue, as of cooking a

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flour special products of Europe are much lower in starch

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cially lobar pneumonia, when the fever is very high, it is cold-water

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from a difference in technique. To wrap the patient in a sheet and

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anatomy and successfully filled the position for a number of

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where it is never hot; where it is never cold; where the

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in cases representing a low form, and anorexia and thirst are present.


genic elements, which are known to cause and maintain many cases

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appearance. When looking for this mushroom see that the

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The arteries have, in a number of instances, been found to be the

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not found much favor, and in America has been too small to afford

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over. A bath of 99° F. would, if continued twenty-five or thirty min-


more quiet, and regular. The pulmonary circulation being improved,

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and nectarines are more objectionable. Peaches and black-

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amounts of the fluid bouillon-cultures or of the glycerin-extract. From

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solids. Sea baths did not improve her. She studied hard and grew worse. She

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to contract over the diseased region. Secondly, open the

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mon among the insane. My own experience leads me to be-

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In the milder forms of measles, when the temperature reaches 103°

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tion and disinfection. In this way alone can serious errors be avoided. .

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fractures, and it was a treat to have Norris take up this sub-

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Predisposing Causes. — (1) Age. — The period of chief liability is from

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tention be paid conjointly to the symptoms, physical signs, and course

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as to simulate a dense new growth. The exudation may be loculated

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in many matters. Before an amputation he always made us

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here, you may see the dangers they run after fifty of gout, of

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4.92; theine, 3.20; tannin, 10.64; total nitrogen, 5.99.

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as the latter is the best substitute. Some contend that the sulphate of

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the Catharine Banks, the Louisa Cecilia 1818, the Rapid

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further dextrinize the starch. Butter it lightly, and you make