violently delirious, and that the next day he died in convul-
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a part of the pancreas is excised, and the remainder of the
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cution on behalf of the Medical Defence Union. Dr. Ropers said that the
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White: Two Exceptional Cases of Peripheral Neuritis, one
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able responsibility, it is desirable to point out some of the
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It was also an erroneous conclusion that every irritated
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given, by which magistrates should understand that ' kissing the book '
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infection from case to case in tlie wards. No local ward con-
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Medica, Lahore Medical College, for nine months from January 21st, en
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" have undergone a change amounting to a revolution." Pro-
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ctassh, public charity, cremation are all lucidly dealt with in
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Obstetric Officer to Charing Cross Hospital, Londou.
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was drawn down and to the left, and the tumour bulged for-
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maxim that nobody can be tried twice for the same offence, appears,
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says it is much more widespread in France than in other
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a manner so repugnant to the interests of the great body of the popu-
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possesses in the direction referred to. It would appear that
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BoTAL College of Surgeons of England, n p.m.— Professor H. J.
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unavoidably attracted most public notice, the most thorough-
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The present state of affairs regarding small-pox in our
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trouble lay in the tendency of the cavity to close in the
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OoloLel. October 16th, 1884: and surgeon-Major-General. September liith.
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our method of preventing the spread of infectious disease has
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acted in the interests of the child and of the other inmates of the work-
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vation, where the barometer showed only 9| in. pressure,
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bom six years after the tirst, when she was 2o After this she had a mis-
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or fixed in an abnormal position by muscular contracture.
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patient aged 50, who presented a distinct enlargement of the
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the severer eases are more capable of ditTusing infection ; be-
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■wise modified by coincident functional disease, and of others
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no complaint of pain, and presented no symptoms referable to
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ergotine (about 16 m) into the buttock. My right hand was
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tube, which is often dilated, pigmentgranules probably derived
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should be formed with the Society of Medical Officers of
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The Librarian of the College will be pleased to give further
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from the ears, nor could iny .iccount of ear trouble or of eon-r,'
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leave the tlieatre. It would be much better to fit up the elec-
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sumption, with which some climates have been credited, and
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mately diagnosed. In making this approximate diagnosis
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nucleus and the cytoplasm appears, after treatment with
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an excellent recovery. — Dr. Malins showed (1) a Large
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escape, and the ground is soon cleared of them in this way.
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pepsin which has been absorbed from the alimentary canal.
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distended, with much pain and vomiting. Simple measures having
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for me by Messrs. Maw, Son, and Thompson— are shaped like ^
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are somewhat apart from the purely medical aspect of life
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the alimentary canals of these patients are in various stages
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is considerably larger. Nor do we doubt that they do their
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accumulation of susceptible persons can scarcely have been
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