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misgivings, which we confess we share, while he also adds that he
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Sept. 24 Contemporary Issues in Dialysis Hennepin County
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dose aspirin in patients with hypertension: Principal
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of digitalis is indicated in all cases where the action of the heart is
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Understanding Boys’ Violence. Review of “Lost Boys: Why
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William A. Hammond, M.D., — Treatise on in the Larynx. London, 1871.
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M.D.s treating patients for nonexistent diseases and
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ation of inhalant use after addiction to other drugs may
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The Journal of the South Carolina Medical Association
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anatomy confines the brain to the skull, but the nerves which leave
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and focus on managing function to avert disease is one of
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choice that’s proven safe and effective — with no incision and no
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worst that can come of this disease, if seen early and properly treated,
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Being desirous of proving the correctness of my views, I took a
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appropriate care. X-ray, lab and pharmacy services are located at
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telephone triage system to direct patiems and arrange for the most
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