to cast out the demons which were supposed to po.ssess maniacs
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among the mothers and the children. The maternal deaths dimin-
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of diuretic and aphrodisiac properties, also its virtues in pulmonary catarrhs
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After his lectures, Elliott says, “it’s almost always the
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he regained his normal weight, I discharged him, and he received
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that on post-mortem examination he had found the uterine veuis
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while as complete a relief as possible is afforded to the organ at fault,
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theria you may have only a false membrane on the surface of the
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faces of the tumour. The bleeding was controlled by the aorta
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icantly improve their patients’ health and quality of life.
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aged twenty-one, a miner, was admitted on the 8th of July 1864.
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practitioner, and because we believe that our present knowledge of
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Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Prevention of
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percent of the patients will develop impotence. The
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thoroughly to insist on is, that the ansesthesia should be produced
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a short time, her poverty having increased and produced a strong
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try. — Royal London Ophthalmia Hosp. Reports, vol. vii. part i. p. 6.
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to operate, but next day (the fifth since any fsecal evacuations had
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ous experimentation and drug use. This often-ignored
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a prisoner receives a fall on the works, and has to be carried
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wards on 60 grs. As the diuretic mixture she was taking had
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• premiums have been sharply increased , sometimes to levels double or triple those
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tion (HCFA), some supplemental S-codes developed by
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marks : " I have a rather long experience of this treatment with
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secures primary union, perhaps as efficiently as carbolic acid. The
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most always the correct diagnosis in these cases. 9
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thei}- shafts and the tliickening of their epipliyses. On removing
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material, as it is called, is the same in all the tissues attacked by it,
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2. That those Licensing Bodies which have not already done so, be requested