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But it is not only upon the withdrawal of tlje wonted stimulus that

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modify its stimulant effect, should the diagnosis prove to have been

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+ Make non-commercial use of the files We designed Google Book Search for use by individuals, and we request that you use these files for

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with tbe abnormal soyml.^ before referred to, there is now giddiness of]

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the mice remained quite constant throughout the experiment. The

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Tannic acid has also, like galls, been rc^commcnded as an antidote to the

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to the action of the medicine or medicines ; so that an ordinary doee

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^M consists of carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, and oxygen; but its formula has

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Good opium is of a reddish-brown or deep- fawn colour in mass,

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uations of the fully formed disease, opium is the remedy mainly to be

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arise, and frequently do arise, from the two opposite affections of irrita-

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riety is always attended with unimpaired electro-muscular contractility

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at one extremity than the other, curved so that the smaller end may be

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advantageously combined with opiates and alcoholic ^-i' ' t^, espe^

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primary operation being that which results from their immediate in-

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property, in hysteria and convulsive disorders. On the contrary, from

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to act with great energy. When the body is connected with the two

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propriately employed This condition consists in an asthenic stalĀ« of

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tity of mucilage and sugar is present, and when these sub-

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general, to commeuce cautiously, with short sittings of not more than

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cussion to the body : the three following are almost entirely

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tained in 0,5 ml of saline were administered by the intraperitoneal

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under the notion that this acid was the active principle of valerian, and

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This tincture will be treated of among the preparations of opium, to

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of calomel and opium should be employed as above advised. Sometimes

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the object is sometimes effected by applying the agency ihruuprh the mi

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case; but the affection of the pupil and of vision is probably uniform. Many of the

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souls,' and what is this patience but an equanimity

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day, in acute caaes every two or three houra; as an antiperiodic, from

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studied, was as a voice crying in the wilderness to

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advantageously combined with opiates and alcoholic ^-i' ' t^, espe^

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and with very discouraging impressions as to the remedial virtues of

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and powerfully in this way than when taken into the stomach. The