medical care, benefiting from better lipid control,
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Section 42-15-60 of the South Carolina Code provides that an injured worker is entitled to have his medical
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symphysis pubis, and from one anterior superior spine to another,
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Susan Marshall, director, Division of Information and
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All the veins, except the small branches which arise at the terminal
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to do with mitral stenosis ; in the cases related it partly depended
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The Journal of the South Carolina Medical Association
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fidence that the odds strongly favor their profiting
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contracts issued by Mass Mutual, which are endorsed by the SCMA, meet these standards. These policies offer
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he felt dizzy when at exercise. His appetite was good, and he was
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In conclusion, we have only to add that we hope Dr Clouston
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Dr Bennett said that the mere cessation of haemorrhage was no
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your attorney and accountant are qualified to do so.
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constitution of the patient. In most cases, he was in the habit of
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which the digitalis has been administered. Thus, if given in hyper-
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other the danger of heart disease, no one will, I hope, fail to see the
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in ignorance ascribed to it. Galen sent his phthisical patients to
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defect such as Down syndrome. One of the substances
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Visit the Aliina CME Calendar at
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On all these points I am full of confidence in you. Parisians, in
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allowed to get up and go to work again. He was discharged from
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irritants, whether of extrinsic or intrinsic origin, but at such a cost
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20 Minnesota's Top 10 Contributions to Medicine .. Leonard G. Wilson, Ph D.
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thickened ; a few small vegetations were attached to the free mar-
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that thereby German Medicine will again receive the encomiums so