that it has served both physicians and the patients of South
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medulla, was daily employed, and in the course of a few days the
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faced a decision: Do short children (and their ever-
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Home Health Prospective Payment System— A Physician y s Guide
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north and south of District Five counties. Nonetheless,
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Oct. 2 Mayo Clinic Hand Center Symposium: Rheumatoid
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Finally, it relies on the student to assess the worth
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have our heads in the books, but we can still make a
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contain no eleutherosides, and Eleutherococcus species
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And in one of the following optional subjects : — Greek, French. German.
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and was discharged ; but her health, after removal from the Asylum,
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pronounced that we never think of calling it insanity, though in
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recovered ; and thus it is not Hizars (Lizars) of Edinburgh who
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and we shall not be misled by them. We do not now speak of
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do not take a second nasal spray without first consulting your doctor. Do not administer more
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timely payment of those claims. HCFA will gather input
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England ; John Moore Walker, England ; John Thomas Wightman, Scotland ;
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rhages to which he referred was that they did not tend to stop, but
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a viral infection, although chronic otitis media with
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mon causes of sudden death on the field. It used to be thought
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The last-mentioned (introduced by Mr Ellis of London) is sup-
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a point 3 cm. above the bifurcation ; it then increases again up to the
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simply a mountain-range, the two sides of which are cultivated as
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The diagram is very beautiful, but I grudge to tax the patience
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sary to restrain him in the strait-jacket. In a few days afterwards
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radical prostatectomy, external beam radiation therapy
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by female prisoners to imitate disease of the " womb ;" and though
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characterized by a want of power in the mental manifestations ; it
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tained clauses for bringing the burgh schools, as well as the pri-
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your attorney and accountant are qualified to do so.
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pitals reported consistent attendance by their phy-
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Show leadership in the teams in which one functions, be a good citizen in one’s
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resulted in a reduction in the rate of hernia recur-
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Having said that, she notes that her colleagues supported