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never followed by either dilatation or hypertrophy of the left
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with men others decline them altogether, or take them only
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He was bitten on September 13th, sickened on the 18th, and died on the
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if there is fever, and phenacetine, with small doses of codeia, if there is much
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believe they are generally intensified during expiration and
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precipitation occurs in the body or not seems to be doubtful, and further in-
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frequent intervals. Patients will often drink when a draught is thus pre-
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beneficiary must be a child of the insured. In cases of un-
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only the nerve but the choroid, the vitreous and the structures of the globe.
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in the advanced lesions rather than in the young and develojping lesions.
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tion in brief is this: Lactic acid is an excretory product, like
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Acute endocarditis may occur in animals experimentally inoculated with the
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frequently, during a fit of coughing, expel not only the intubation tube, but
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leukocyte count the greater this effect. He shows, too, that the opsonin in
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d^-ing five to twelve days after the onset the exudate is more abundant and
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inability to establish its identity by the methods then available, he named