once thoroughly mastered, is not easily forgotten. We would pro-
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human narrators, it told the fascinating story of blood.
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5. Physicians exercise accountability for themselves and for their colleagues.
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Copyright® 2000 by the South Carolina Medical Association. All rights reserved. The views expressed in this publication are those of the writers
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ber 1868 fell on or before the 15th, making this the wettest half of the rainiest
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Colleton, up 44 percent; and Laurens, up 1100 percent.
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Dr Bennett's care in the Royal Infirmary in 1848, and of which a
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— Greek , French ; German ; Natural Philosophy, including Mechanics, Hy-
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TACT: Cynthia Iverson, 2550 University Avenue W, Suite
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the caregiver. The hassled, frazzled, fried physician is
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to the phj'sician: (1) Operation; (2) position, with the administration
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soon again to relapse into unconsciousness; but at my evening visit she
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had his attention directed by Darwin to a theory propounded by
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in a special edition of the Journal (Volume 89, Is-
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Walsh D: Understanding Boys’ Violence. Review of Lost
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“Most of my patients are impressed that I’m in the
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people, or to “catastrophic” circumstances; (3) struc-
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group in a dynamic, progressive practice. In addition to its
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• I welcome the opportunity to use the Internet in coursework.
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Royal College of Physicians, where those interested may consult
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million dollars. And their outcomes are notoriously
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view. And, in reference to hepatic action, the essential oils, cam-
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Article II. — Carbolic Acid, from a Septic Point of View. By J.
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modus operandi of all medicines which we or others should propose
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Union. The practice currently includes five Physicians
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Your assistance in prescribing generics will have a sig-
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was found. But the toe could now be pressed without injury.