vails among even the most highly-educated persons." And Cullen

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• And, realizing that upholding the legacy is more

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carried the intellectual and emotional weight of this

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our patients and the practice of medicine. Legislators have

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There are personal habits of less gravity than the one I have

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orthopaedic surgeon, and other support staff in a 7500 com-

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But our space forbids prolixity ; so we must hasten on. Under the

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care/Medicaid, and who don’t have health insurance.

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Of sixteen other reports of medical men who tried the calf virus,

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who are converted to the practice of antiseptic surgery, and yet

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scarlet fevers to cut him off, and the dysentery not being much more

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pathies, thoracic outlet syndrome, and very rarely,

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well as decrease the risk for heart attacks 9 in dia-

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Let’s Talk about Depression: One Doctor’s Experience. Jenie

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ing stimulated by the distention, contract upon their contents,

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academia. They traveled to Miami, Atlanta, Chicago,

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A fourth class belong to those who in an insane state have com-

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as late as last year, to regulate the circumstances of pilgrims and

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occur again, it being believed to be the work of incendiaries. He

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attributed by Dr Donkin to the oleaginous matter which he believed

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and I noticed the diaphoretic, diuretic, and stimulant action of the

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know it today. A certain mystique surrounds medical

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between these and any other cases ; they probably got infected

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and at intervals streaked with blood. Tumour already mentioned is

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the day. Within a week he had gained two pounds in weight, and

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able hemorrhage ; the left bronchus was torn across at the first di\'i-

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pation with the loss is self-limiting, and we return

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Adding the challenge of informed consent in cultures that

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while it is in every way probable that he got it from his brother.

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cusps were thickened and covered over tlieir whole under surface