James Spence; James Simson. Conservator of Museum, James B.
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efforts, I was obliged to leave a large portion still adhering, which
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not have failed to be interesting, while the record even of his failures
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gram after the Master Settlement Agreement funds have
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The school system and the alliance decided to focus on
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guished, and was not satisfactorily distinguishable. Again, recent
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At reasonable intervals based on the individual circumstances of the patient, the physician should review the course of
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infected with HIV would have been unlikely to receive
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in the firmness of the muscles and general condition of the limbs.
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her mouth, and her lips were much distorted. To have six grains
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the government grant for efficient vaccination. Dr Seaton, in his
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tee and a relocation allowance. Located at the junc-
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the medical students at our two medical schools. We now
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disease has been among the inhabitants of Calcutta since the opening of the canal
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34. Apgar V. A proposal for a new method of evaluation of the
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on the epidemiology of infectious diseases in young
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with partial sloughing. Dr Young said he had met with very many
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7. Physicians exhibit a commitment to scholarship and to advancing their field.
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says. “Sometimes my brother almost convinces me that
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The removal of the stitches is done as in the operation for vesico-
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require refrigeration. Do not store above 86” F (30° C) or below 36” F (2° C). Store away from
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after circulating antibody levels drop is unknown, as are
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between the alert patient and the skilled clinician.
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properties with demonstrable cytotoxicity in in vitro cell
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both willing and anxious to interest ourselves in your welfare, and
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He does not remember having seen a woman so far gone from
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short rapid steps, and without allowing the heels to touch the
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In a special small series of unselected cases that have come under
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illness, reduce spoilage, and increase the exportability
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As to the connexion of scrofula with the maladies of which we
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Egyptians, it seems, had a specialist or subspecialist
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manuscript was done, as well as academic appointments
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patients it has a tendency to relax the bowels, and never consti-
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abrasions, or small ulcers of the leg which are undoubtedly artificial,