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ative on Phytotherapy published a therapeutic mono-

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4. Chodale GW, Thisted RA, Gerber GS, et al. Results

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And such, it is well known, is the formula of that which has been

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leucocyte. Eventually the hemisphere is converted into a pear-

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Group is seeking talented, energetic physicians to join thriving, diverse practices.

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plause.) The public listens to him, admires him, and laughs with

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viewed in the short space we could allow, and we merely mention

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welcome. “It’s enormously gratifying to see all you can

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provements in patients treated with alfuzosin compared

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It will be seen, therefore, that opinions differ somewhat regarding

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and the AMA makes continuous effort to reduce that threat.

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ment objectives; (5) discussion of risks and benefits; (6) treatments; (7) medications (including date, type, dosage and

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may be significantly affected by continued treatment or the lack of continued treatment. Disability is defined as

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In the course of the summer he returned, on account of tlie

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to the bed he had so long occupied in a seemingly helpless state."

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because they fear that admitting improvement will lead

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brutalize animals to control an animal’s behavior,

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Chaucer's Shipman brought home with him from the sea :

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present, we must turn our attention to the tetratom, i.e., the molecule

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changes, I am glad to report, have taken place in the staflf of our

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Catherine Ki, get. 16, domestic servant, a well-grown pretty girl,

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of Banditos recruits 1 0 or 1 5 more colleagues to join them.

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duty of hard and earnest study, both in the class-room and in

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President of the Alliance. Mrs. Shirley Meiere. The inau-