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tion of surgical titles by individuals possessing neither surgical edu-
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History of Medicine and Commerce,” by Douglas Starr,
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the English Schools. Special schedules are issued by the London Boards for their Scotch students,
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Edinburgh Veterinary College was commenced on Ist Nov., and the
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showing the influence of muscular propulsion in roughening the
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the mid-1950s, the U.S. Patent Office did not issue
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quisition of medical equipment to be used for treatment
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claims — typically brought by patients unhappy with the results of their surgery — by
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scaphoid, rests on a thick fibrous bundle, representing the inferior
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of Psychiatry at a time when his specialty is at the forefront of medicine.
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selves undergo any very rapid oxidation ; a large proportion of the
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another direction, there are two mining hamlets very close to each'
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time of Koderik, who operated successfully on one in 1750, It
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the construction of abnormal as well as normal bile, and conse-
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The Journal of the South Carolina Medical Association
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treatment of disease generic — one size fits all. Patients
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able to the removal of the solid sewage matter and water drainage,
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