after removal of the thyroid gland, was described by Rogowitsch, 37
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Fig. 12 (Case 5). — Dec. 11, 1915. Cardiac efficiency much impaired.
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In the British Medical Journal, 1890, I., p. 421, is a report of the
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Prognosis. — As regards the leg the prognosis is usually favorable,
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The experiments given below were made with the blood platelets
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veins. Another result of this rapid evolution of the disease is that
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The diabetic, however, can not refrain indefinitely from food.
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was suddenly stricken with complete paralysis of one side of the body,
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intensified, now becomes enfeebled and almost inaudible. The pre-
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coat becomes thickened, its connective tissue proliferates, and its vasa
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The patient, then aged 32, was readmitted Oct. 17, 1913, to Ward 68.
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tion of the thyroid gland. "When thyroidectomy has been performed
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lowed during treatment and which have been under observation for
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dividual phases. If he present himself before a physician of large
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record in 1914 is shown in Table 28. Of the twelve patients, nine had
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report, to be a decreased excretion of sodium chlorid, also calcium,
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dase reaction. Although not definitely proved, it seems likely and is
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and eyeballs." He drew special attention to the nervous phenom-
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We shall, however, in this article use the terms myxcedema and cre-
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After the treatment outlined the Wassermann reaction changed from positive
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rupture is found, as stated, most frequently in the left ventricle near
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the heart muscle becomes weak and the heart cavities undergo dilata-
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ficial layers of the epidermis are often shed as a fine white powder.
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were inconclusive or negative. It is desirable to study such differences
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Ancesthesia by Inhalation. — For some of the operative procedures
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the case is to be regarded, for not only is a maximal formation of glu-
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nevertheless an altered state of the vocal cords may be discovered on
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dia, the case is not grave, but when the heart's contraction is so
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in his family is known to have pellagra. There were six children. Two boys