the form of another variety of non-saponifiable fat, called Hej^olin^ which it
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104 compositors who worked in apartments having less than 500 cubic
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" Diffusible stimulant and tonic In anaemia, nervous
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Diseases of the Eye— Edward Jackson, S. D. Risley,
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and a prostatic third lobe as large as the last joint of
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those of Dr. John Conrad, at the Pennsylvania Hospital. In ibis
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especially if the enlargement be by dilatation, the prognosis is unfavor-
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insipid, or saltish or brackish, and sometimes acid, when the stomach is
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over other similar formulas. The well known 'mild action of Aloin on the lower portion of
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preceded by bronchitis. When these affections are associated, it is merely
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mission for many years, giving no time whatever to recreation, is very
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with copious acid perspiration, but without any cardiac compli-
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classes of animals an apparatus exists for the ventilation of the
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tember, and continues six mouths. During this session, in
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on different pathological conditions. As the name of an individual dis-
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sounds outside of the cell ; conversation between enemies con-
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is important, therefore, to bear in mind the liability to a temporar}^ increase
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the senses, as musca, tinnitus, the odor of musk, aura, vertigo,
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tions.'^ Deprivations, intemperance, depressing emotions, over-exertion,
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Lewis Smith.^ Dr. Smith's account of the mode in which it generally
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For the same reason, it is quite inconceivable that the wonderful
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On the 9th, or five days after admission, he conld walk about,
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It is to be borne in mind, however, that the old system of treatment em-
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feces, and is then said to be stercoraceous. A truly stercoraceous vomit-
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longer than the horizontal, that perfect circles appeared to her as
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to the taste as honey and water. The treatment consisted in the
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Mass. hydrarg. gr. j, opii gr. one-foarth were directed to he taken
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to the fact of the frequent dependence of amaurosis upon granular
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seventh month. At the end of two or three weeks, the pain,
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tionate amount of disassimilation. Persistence in these dietetic habits
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term, the treatment of a disease is expectant whenever the physician does
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with so many of these cases. Almost every large plantation has three
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in contact. The atrophy in cirrhosis of the liver is probably caused by
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feel authorized to give this recommendation of DIOVIBUR-
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tional disorder as well as structural lesions, by George Pollock, 7t were
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wrist. Apnoea, however, is frequently combined with asthenia in pro-
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tutes the attack, which, in the majority of cases, occurs during the night.
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Organized in 1880 for the special medical treatment 01
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apartments having from 500 to 600 cubic feet, and of this number 4.35
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the articular aflfection. When it follows the affection of the joints, it is
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the s^'stem in a condition to tolerate better the local afl^ection. The
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The laws of disease are often of importance in relation to diagnosis.