whilst a sample containing four million red corpuscles to the

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more than from 12 to 20 hours. This allows ample time to ensure firm

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a normal reading was obtained. It was also noticed that

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out with all its former severity, or even with increased violence. We

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with the hot iron, or with a deliquescent caustic, such as caustic potash,

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sometimes accompanies scurvy, and the morbus maculosus of Werlhof.

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tively rare. They are met with both in the married and unmarried,

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it is not until afterward that a diffuse and uniform redness and

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ing parts, and thus subsequently cause encephalitis. At least, the

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considerable, and their maintenance afterwards in a good

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quite a rare condition - much rarer than anteflexion. The

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sweat became strongly saccharine, the percentage of sugar in the urine

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the dose once a month, and gradually raising it, until ^ mgr.

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sense of parental obligation ; and that is, on the face of it,

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which, in spite of the most urgent and incessant efforts of the

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independently of this— there will, as has been shown in a

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* For possible objections to this view see J. Bence, Deut. med. Wochenschrift^

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separate them further. The malady increases rapidly. The muscles

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TREATMENT. For acute catarrhal pyelitis we may refer to what

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similar relief is obtained by making minute superficial punctures with

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A few facts about the pneumococcus have an interesting

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ever the temper of the patient is excited, and whenever stimuli, even

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only served to stimulate afresh, not only did he win through

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but, while in the latter the new formation of firm, bony substance

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injection the index fell, being on May 15th and 17th, '6.

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The following case is one of general peritonitis. Very

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Hospital on April 3rd, 1907, and two days later an empyema

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removed. It is astonishing to find now how small a cavity

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Polycythaemia in diseases of heart and lungs (F. Parkes Weber) - - 452

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is strong, full, and more frequent, but not excessively so ; the bodily

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superficially situated and conspicuous veins, blonde hair, and blue eyes,

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been assigned as a cause of suppuration in the antrum. The

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culation, to a watery exudation, or the like, we may hope that the

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perature of the affected limbs is at first higher ; later, it may be

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thus subjected to a compression which impairs the propagation of ex

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surface of the omental growth. The mesentery of the caecum

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which I have treated in this manner cannot of course be compared with

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polycythaemia the total volume of blood in the body is

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local treatment must be used ; and where it has existed for a l6ng

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measure supported by the fact that in a slighter degree a similar

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the upper part of the cavity above the level of the floor of