Truly, the “gift that keeps on giving,” medical scholarships secure the fu-

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produced ; and, while not detracting from the truthfulness of its

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failed, but I couldn’t live with the fact that I hadn’t

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not tackle those broader questions. Instead, the case will

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ited (i.e., externally reviewed) programs from provider

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Statistically Important Health Problems in South Carolina”

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trace of cancer in the ligaments of the uterus or in the vagina.

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is hardly more out of date than Macdowall's " Parisiana," though

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state and the AMA to persuade Medicare that fines or

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insurance carriers, TPAs, and employers to verify eligi-

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blood within 56 days. Next, there’s the questionnaire.

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ment which he hopes will be regarded as a delusion, and will rigidly

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regurgitation to be certainly dependent upon disease of the valves.

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was characteristic about them in the early stage of the malady,

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pleasure and surprise." ^ I)r Copland speaks of the spirits of tur-

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Harris says. “With every decade or so, whether you’ve

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than before. Pulsation, however, soon returned close up to this

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nia doctors reports, “A disaffected workforce may

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hunched over in the lab, searching for a cure for some

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sternum. Over the heaving area a systolic bruit is heard, which is

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and going through the musketry exercise, the body being, for the

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We are in receipt of the first three numbers of this new periodical.

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Bryan, Charles S„ M.D.34, 131, 192, 276, 357, 390, 421, 428, 514

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Continuing Medical Education, 615 Washington Avenue

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removal of the foreign body gives the best prognosis. — Ed.*]

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they have seen their physician, referrals for consulta-

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vents immediate union, sets up severe inflammation, and quite pre-

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chronic setting. Narcotics will lower a patient’s pain

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ministries of health and nongovernmental organizations

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s])ot on the boy's great toe, which did not give rise in him to

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extent here, I think it proper to state the results of our experience.

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in which no man^ however hard his struggles, ever did or could

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in small quantities and at short inervals, and that the patient

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The perineum may be restored because its restoration implies the

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revenues over expenses of $154,643, a figure which in-