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ment; and that physicians covered by the JUA and PCF

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1245 15th Street North • St. Cloud, MN 56303 • Phone: 320/253-5220

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toms presented by such a case; he tries all sorts of remedies,

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Treatment. — The treatment has been as various and exhaustive

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ity, short hospital stays, and increasing social scrutiny of

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every thinking man ought, in the interests of humanity, to give his

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The Minnesota Physicians Foundation wishes to acknowledge

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mony, calomel, and bloodletting now occupying much less space

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" Phila. Med. Jour.," 1879. — Weist, J. R. : "Foreign Bodies in Air-passages,"

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are disclosed in such things as the impaired speech that follows

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sion, use their professional skills to advance human

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tached to this action of the drug is increased by the consideration!

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8 ) the associated issues of burden of survival morbid-

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to litigate this case, more than it would have paid in

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judging the character of the patient, that he will yield readily to

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The unit of measure for the fee amounts corresponds to the unit of measure noted in the code descriptions published

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