4. Liu PY. Cryptococcal osteomyelitis: Case Report and

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use of artificial teeth, which renders it somewhat more complete as

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had been adopted in several cases with much success. To Dr

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ing the position AMA has held: namely, that such test-

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British Medical Journal, — Aug. 26 to Oct 21. New Remedies, — July.

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but, as the common saying has it, the less one knows about a thing,

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2. The recipient must be living. Awards are not presented posthumously.

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you will surpass my expectations, and fulfil your duties with zeal,

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we are fain to wait for more precise indications before we accept

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grandfather and granddaughter shelling on the 2 x h miles of

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ventricle, from the long-continued and frequently-repeated exercise

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exactly applicable to Portobello, now that it has got its pier ; but

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wine from his own limited means. The people of Portobello and

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An Interactive Medical Student Website and Its Application in

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by the way in which excreta were disposed of, and inquire whether

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knows also his patient's family, dead and alive, up and down for

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passed over. This, coupled with its known action on the cardiac

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4. Mettlin, C. : The American Cancer Society National

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Houlihan, MMIC, 6600 France Avenue South, #245, Min-

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the convict service, I would honestly state that it brings no discredit

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done much in the way of arresting the increase of lunacy ; and if

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Sept. 22 Medicare Compliance: A Tool Kit for Peace of Mind

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to the oozing of pus through the dressing, as will happen in large

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• International Convention on the Elimination of Racial

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