of damaging the patient's skin by electrolytic action.
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constituent of nervous matter ? To this subject I have given particular
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able disease, but are in a state of health, physical or mental, in which
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by means of water-filtration, drainage, cultivation of the soil, or otherwise.
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and in addition the six or eight smaller growths before mentioned.
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will be the diseases caused by them. Tetanus, for instance, is hardly ever
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It is a fact worthy of consideration, that many inert or almost worth-
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differ entirely in pharmacological and other properties. Methyl nitrite,
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lesion secretes a potent proteolytic enzyme which enters the tissues and
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pending them in spirits of wine, so as to remove the blood and mucus,
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Symes. " On the Elevated Health Resorts of the Southern Hemisphere," Med. Chir.
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and vitiated secretion is both a proof and effect of their presence. The
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policy in case of premature death. A man ast. 25 may, for annual pay-
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is probably diphtheritic. But, on the other hand, what seems to be
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elegant use of his pen, and a polished elocution — qualities not always
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could object to the creation of as many eye infirmaries as the community
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in the wound leading to that amount of pressure which would help the
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Registrar-General, and by the several Hospital Boards in England,
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The electrotonic effects of currents can also be a,pplied to purposes
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attacked; in nine of these the affection spread inwards from the skin,
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less must be used for them, and a fresh poultice should be applied every
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Dr. H. J. Berkley's careful series of researches recently brought
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which, however, are simply pyrogenetic in their action; the true toxin
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and he believed that pus from the veins lodges and acts in a similar manner.
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influenza are the result of certain secondary processes : influenza opens
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nearly forward — hence double vision, from want of correspondence in
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to limit the causes of puerperal infection to pathogenetic matter conveyed
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turn, the prospects of the child's recovery are very materially improved.
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In considering the bearing which the late case of somnambulism has on