Essentials of Surgery. Containing ako Venereal Diseases, Surgi-
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General parali/sis of the insane may present much difficulty. Spinal
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insufficiency of the mitral segments probably exists in patients in the
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{h) Hygienic Measures. — The diet should be abundant and nourish-
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kidney, while emaciation and general nervous disorders are more com-
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cussion gives dulness, even to flatness, over all of that portion of the
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ing to this category the disease takes a chronic course, and leads
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occurs at the side of the neck, as sometimes happens, the incision should
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of all schools. Their papers are quoted in London as well as in New
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fessor of Gynecology in the Medico-Chirurgical College, Philadelphia.
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dust or as large as an almond. Among their pathologic effects are fis-
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to several hours, though rarely it may endure a week or two, Avith
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object being to produce anemia of the brain ; 19 cases were either cured
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will cause a mania to subside permanently., and to guard against the
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be distended, particularly in young subjects, and the systolic pulsation
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Atlas and Epitome of Obstetrical Diagnosis and Treatment. By
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before the color of the Fehling solution is discharged, there will be
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Fatty or Volatile Acids. — Heat to boiling a few c.c. of the filtrate in
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larger quantities may often be used Avith advantage. Baths must be
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tainly augmented the liability to poisoning from these products, as the
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fuming nitric acid, the acid nitrate of mercury, solid zinc chlorid, silver
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The general symptoms are usually those of a weak, debilitated, nerv-
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combatant and seeing only the benefit to the cause, it seems not
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urine after muscular exertion, during the resorption of mechanical or
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Important adjuncts in combination with one or more of the above are
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blood must be attributed to increased formation. But the presence of
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There is rarely any danger to life, except when the secondary affection
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among the causes of acute intestinal obstruction. It is produced most
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tumor that without it we are apt to overlook the possibility of tumor. He
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measure the error, employ many methods of test. Objective
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Convulsion Eigiditv followed by "jerk- Rigidity or ''struggling,"
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resulting either in melena or hematemesis. Mayo Robson reports a
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generally associated with contractures and other hysteric stigmata.
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In cases showing cerebral symptoms it is to be cautiously used, and it is
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abundant groAvth of micrococci in the aneurysmal sacs.. They are met
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of injurious exposure, aided by hot salt-water. Turkish, or Russian baths,
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states that at this time the residue should not exceed 20 to 40 c.c. This