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derangement which the patient exhibits, and not to the pathological

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“It’s a time when people are asking, ‘What do I do now?’ ”

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fined to a particular spot — if, too, the manner of the patient accords

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the transporter for serotonin — the chunk of molecular

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id T. Bjork, M.D., or Jim Wilkus, Administrator, 615

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the tongue there is generally associated aggravation of other symp-

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system, why not take a look at a new solution? Fox Meadows Practice

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influence of the eccentric irritation in the boy's case to be noted —

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As I have remarked in the past, I can report to you

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as complete a separation as we do from priestly associations.

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First, of a certainty, comes long-continued maintenance in that

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of ocular diseases is a possibility, especially in the

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fore students participate in the patient’s care, and

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join a union, the union could not represent that physician

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occurred among the sixty-six. It complicated prolapsus uteri.

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October 3, when it was stopped. On September 1 7, patient weighed

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good subject for a book, and that a work upon the subject is much

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Annual Alcohol & Drug Issues Conference for Clinicians.

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Almeida Lima performed the first leucotomy (“white

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may begin with five drops three times a day, but the dose should be

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search and Education HealthSystem Minnesota; Interna-

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