though he himself seldom went beyond the 30th in his practice, and
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less the number of occupants in a room is small. The fourth principle
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presented a normal blood pressure ; while twenty-three cases of primary
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Officers. — President, E. J. Barrick, M. D., Toronto, Ontario;
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absence for thirty days from Jan. 5. Dec. 24, 1902.
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pensary, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, from 2 to 3.30.
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In opposition to the various authorities who oppose quinine are
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jects will be required to stand a joint examination in medi-
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of activity to allow these patients. Freedom from business respon-
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referred from diseased internal organs to the cutaneous surfaces.
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very short paraphasic or jargonic phrases. He is constantly untidy.
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setts Institute of Technology in 1901, in the department of
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tinguished manner. A grand reception, ball and supper — with
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No physician can afford to be indifferent regarding the accurate filling of his prescription.
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diet. It may be possible that under this regime gastric ulcer disap-
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Johns Hopkins Hospital, 1894-1914; A.'ociate in Gynecology, Johns Hopkins
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that I ever saw a case of illness, or a case of death,
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a well marked rigor, or only a sense of chilliness and discomfort.
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the articles. In four of the cases of diffuse chronic
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portance, leading us to be very skeptical as to the advisibility of
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determination, Wassermann reaction. Examination of lesions
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— Anatomical Record, 1915, ix, Proceedings of the American
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has his own place in the laboratory, with locker, microscope,
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City Health Officer^ and Dr. J. S. Richardson, of the United S-tates
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March 2j, 1908. A little accessible mentally. He hides him-
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other classes of subjects and by the other set of words equivocal in
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on the part of the city. He declared that Austin had Ijeen turned
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tific history of the world. We are glad to fling wide our city gates
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a slight lengthening of the limb after the operation,
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tion, and advise. They can preach the gospel of cleanliness, and
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and symptoms during the febrile stage present nothing distinctive;
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Confederates must have proved a source of great consolation to
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for that degree from this University. Should further instruc-
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heated milk and in milk cultures of Bacterium Welchii. — Ibid.,
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A. B., Harvard University, 1909 ; M. D., University of Heidelberg, 1915 ; in charge
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with special reference to its value in sterility. — Transactions
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For students of the third trimester of the Second Year.