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to show that there is much foundation for the belief. These are most frequently,

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6.1; Philadelphia, 5.1; Boston, 4.7; Pittsburgh, 4.7;

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at Nuremberg. Whether any choleraic manifestations had mani-

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tracted. On the fourteenth day the child showed a round ezca-

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Jonas found very small traces of iodine. The air was first tested for

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Chief of Memorial, Dr. Patterson gave much to the development of all three

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Fernet suggests that the patient contract in order the

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elles avaient toujours ete tres puissantes." — Annates cf Hygiene, April, 1840.

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that should be reproduced in order to do full justice to his de-

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rather labored, with some wheezing on expiration, whichv

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* France was first visited by the cholera in the spring of 1832. It began in

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Gregory, "but one pound one." — {IJear, hear, and laughter.) There was

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tion or tissue of organs after death; according to the latter authorities, pus can-

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the part, (such as the elasticity of the skin, convexity or depression of surface,

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One day Dr. Ollivier placed himself at a wicket, looking into the infirmary of

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some instances at least, an undesirable species of publicity.

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6.) He divided also the oblique muscles in a monkey, and it remained capable

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consequence of metastasis. Dr. Wm. Budd, the author of the treatise before

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He knew his pathology, that fellow. Walking jogs the

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she refused to take medicines. She became exhausted by the constant