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The sympathetic, on the other hand, does not influence the bron-

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2. Chiari* reports a congenital diverticulum in the right bronchial

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Figure 2. Percent of South Carolinians reporting no leisure-time physical activity: BRFSS 1990-1998. W, white;

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Practice Residency Program, a successful, community-based,

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July of the present year, when a less serious outbreak again com-

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cutaneous injection, and found the results more reliable than when

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nature, and irrational because it is without limits, and

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tion of a liver, lung, or pancreas may be donated to

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720-A-00) at this meeting asks AMA to develop model

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names and addresses of all stockholders owning or holding 1 percent or more of the total amount of stock. If not owned by a corporation, give the

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family practitioners, nephrologists, plastic surgeons,

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He supports physician unions. “They’re not ide-

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have been appointed to the MICH Council, and I believe the influence of the Alliance will be

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the less pus the better — which simply means, that the less pus the

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striving to increase the chances of minority patients by

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medical facilities and with private practice groups

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age of about 250 ounces to 70 ounces in the day, the specific gravity

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Anoka State Hospital. In 1954, one of her daughters

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pared with blood obtained direct from the jugular vein as affiDrding

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that all the criminal insane are not necessarily dangerous; and

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the Local Authority are hereby required to take prompt measures

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venture has experienced a profound increase in “free-stand-

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tional, it was also felt that information regarding

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of exercise, require much larger doses than people that are naturally

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second sound is heard with some accentuation. No rheumatic pains

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no improvement took place ; so a serious attempt was made at digi-

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with collodion, a solution of gutta-percha in chloroform, or a paste

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significant hepatotoxicity appears to be quite rare

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was not injurious to health, however shocking it might be from an

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■ Your doctor will discuss with you the type of migraine headaches you have. If you have

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A deputy inspector-general of hospitals must have served three years in

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