been popular for decades took root during this time.
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and is seeking physicians in the following specialties:
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ity does not exceed 5000, though previous to tlie introduction of
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special attention are those connected with the brain itself. They
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Demonstrated capabilities include development, direc-
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E-Mail : stephanie.l.j ussila @
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tlie sugar had sunk to a mere trace. The following week his weight
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followed by a destructive inflammation of the bones of the joint.
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ingly seen as a task-related phenomenon rather than
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when Sherman's soldiers jumed Columbia, Feb. 17, 1865, was the '■ to William A. Nicholson, father of the donor of the
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Dr Milne has, in this work, made some contributions to them.
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we also have medical students who have obtained leader-
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will need opium ; five or six drops of laudanum or wine of opium
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which, I think, is likely to prove useful in cholera, not as proof that
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poles are carbons or similar forms, for these may be said to resemble
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Technological advances and changing social values have led to
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ablation to treat prostate cancer in 1966. Their tech-
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art of caring, says the dean of the university’s Medical School.
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and depressed state of mind which attends indigestion -, in the hy-
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A rabbit was inoculated in the neck, on 7th November 1867, with
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3. Vertebroplasty in Patients with Severe Vertebral
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If both vesicles maturate, and also die away at the same time, then
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and the work wasn’t always glamorous. But he would
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All this may appear to be somewhat irrelevant in a paper on
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are using herbs, 30 since many patients do not report their
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[The conclusions arrived at by Aeby in regard to the asymmetry
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Henry Holland, writing in 1852, says : — " The influence of the
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3) hospital reported inconsistent attendance by its
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cases the operation is performed on an anatomically entire perineum.
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nesses in area are refractive surgeons, optometrists, Maple-
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surgical patients. Physician, Dr Halliday Douglas ; Surgeon, Dr P. H.
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cartilage. The brain-membranes contained much tubercular de-
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properties worthy of notice.” 2 In 1869 Asa Gray’s