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Article VI. — Chlorine Water in the Treatment of Diphtheria. By

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Dr Frazer made some remarks on the distinction between asphyxia

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somewhat like the following : — " I am suffering from a severe

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Management Services By Choice (MSBC), a program of the

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Of more frequent occurrence than either of the above modes of

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father was given the name Dracul — which means “drag-

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The system recommended by him is a modification of the earth-

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depending on anaemia of the brain, notably in delirium tremens,

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diagnosis, and its consideration is therefore for the present omitted.

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technology change too quickly and competition is too intense.

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of mitral stenosis — is the occurrence in both of these cases of a

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long as the ulceration is not very extensive the patient can be kept

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for 1870, which has just been awarded to Dr J. Milner Fothergill,

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Diagnosis, from exploratory injections, etc., was obstruction at a

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them. Each patient feels that he or she is that doctor’s

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" These cases have been abstracted from the post-mortem and

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days, which yielded, however, to a continuance of the treatment in

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work, and a habit of looking at all sides of a question or fact, is worth any

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Auxiliary (Alliance), cosponsored by the Department of Social Services, the Department of Health & Envi-

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into it. In timing any murmur, therefore, we must take the great-

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with the apices entirely free from either tubercle or an excess of this

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bleeding ulcers or stomach cancer); a physician owns a

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branches of the ophthalmic artery were absent. The optic nerves

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quired to certify that the candidate's vision is sufficiently good to enable him to perform

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standard operating procedures. This well written report

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errors, suture line tension, and biologic factors such

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