the extraction of teeth; but neither Phos. or Lach. were able to
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which, if fully substantiated, will eradicate a very troublesome as well
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cacy. It is as potent as cocaine, and far less toxic. It
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presided. Dr. J. S. Mitchell delivered a public address on Diet and
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of eight colleges, which have this year graduated two hundred stu-
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centre of the city ; the other family consisted of five females, advanced
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two lines. What are the cases in which we find this immobility of the
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a complete set of the British Journal of Homoeopathy^ twenty-seven
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two ohve ; two normal ; and six darker than natural, and much engorged.''
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relief. The latter expedient was indicated by the tumid state of the
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he was advancing rapidly in convalescence, when, unluckily for himself,
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not very complete, and at the time when his oldest child, the subject of
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about the middle of November, at which time he had a slight attack.
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urday ; Boston. Littell's Living Age ; Boston. The Atlantic Monthly ; Boston.
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May, and flourifhes fometimes till the beginning of
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central, empty, nuclear-like vacuoles. Their cytoplasm is homogeneous,
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and Joyntcd , and from thefe Joynts proceed Leaves ,
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addition of fibrinous material, and were nearl}^ a line in thickness.
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oL the face and over the sacrum. The systolic blood pressure was 150; a
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recourse to ; still the patient grows worse and worse, and finally dies,
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from its administration in cases of phthisis; had, not given it in
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Misturce canipJior6s cum magnesia , §i. ter in die, — February 2d. No
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him to take the tartar emetic mixture in the usual way. It produced
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the functions of the brain, or those of the liver or kidneys, and see
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ported by our frequent successes, and by the voice of approving con-
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and with more than two hundred successful practitioners of homoe-
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opinion on the subject, a mode of proceeding he has never since ceased
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before in the hospital wards. Cases of arthritic rheumatism will come
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J. Gregg Burchard, M.D., Peekskill, Westchester County, N. Y.
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by he call out much Flegm ; that it works (lays he)
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and history of the complaint. Some forms of hectic assume the inter-
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to the upper portion of her cheeks, and was accompanied by some un-
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with apparently insignificant means, against the accumulated false
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liver is that state in which there is an increase of size in the organ, with
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purging, but the nausea and occasional vomiting continued. On the
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" Scarlatina, mixed up with small pox, has appeared also in our poor
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ical function, subject to ulceration, and particularly mentions the
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Drug Preparations standardized according to the United
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It would appear that in scarlatina and fever, the poison of the disease
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are affected in all cases before the cord itself. The reason is obvious ;
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has been, to a great degree, deprived of its oxygen, or rather has become
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glands, was cured of these by Brom.^^^, administered April 4, May 12,
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occasionally, but taking the sulphate of zinc as the principal remedy till
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