both at home and abroad. In 1910 he published "The Fourth Era in
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cedematous; palpebral and ocular conjunctiva red, like a piece of
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wild declamations concerning its infallibility and its scope are
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in nearly a thousand men and an equal number of women.
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salts and excrementitious matters which it holds in solution,
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His early years of education were spent in schools in the vicinity
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other form of experimental research ; like all such, they have
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wonted integrity, or one more comforting in its use. The prud-
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graduate course he took in European centers of medical learning dur-
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school, but it is as impossible there as it is here to obliterate it.
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Microphytes, or saprophytes, are found wherever fermenta-
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appear, I trust, in the cases I shall cite, and therefore there will
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Buffalo took place, and Dr. Park was made medical director of the
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ments and one of its most useful members in the community. In all his relations
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for this temporary happiness. I believe, with Powell, that hae-
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The prognosis is somewhat more favorable in the milder cases of " chronic
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practised in Derby. He leaves a widow and one son and a large circle of friends.
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more marked ; expectoration returned; pulse 105; temperature
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completely limited to the synovial membrane. Even here, however, recovery
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held at New Orleans, March 10 and 11, 1885, adopted the follow-
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scious. He had apparently been as well that day as on the
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hospital as interne, for thirteen years he kept a complete history of
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ative Surgery and Surgical Anatomy, but abandoned this position in
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plegia, epilepsy, and affections of the special senses, are com-
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were so unusual, and at variance with previous conduct, that un-
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He is looked upon by the profession as a clever surgeon,
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Prognosis and treatment are about the same as for wounds
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progressive development of the embryo, the blood formation localizes itself
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Life," by Dr. B. W. Richardson, — and has, beside, a large variety
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are not sufferers from sunstroke. Apropos of this chapter, we
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tempted to begin to paint before he has any knowledge of
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that are developed from special bony points, and that retain
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a review of the various fevers commonly and improperly as-
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this, practically, better than Dr. C. Wesselhoeft, who yet, in his
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you maybe led to think yourselves fit for such work before
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sooner ; but the indications for it (such as a dry, troublesome
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followed by recovery. He attributed his success largely to the
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a self-evident unconsciousness of them. This is only the begin-
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has learned that the word means a possible and very serious
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scribe a drug when it is clearly indicated ; when we teach our
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the bath when the body, and especially the extremities, are cold.
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ology ; there to stand beside the works of that philosopher
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form or ether by a subcutaneous injection of morphine or of atropine is advocated
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The February meeting of the Society was held at the college-
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danger of dying of cancer. They have all learned to say ep-i-the-li-o-ma without
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are more than ever liable to the disease, as has already been said. It is not
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