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Table 1. Common Clinical Manifestations of Cystic Fibrosis In Adults

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And it addressed health care economic issues just as

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methodologically valid, placebo-controlled trials, of

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IHS Medical is looking for a part-time M.D. for White Bear

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86t. 26, was admitted into Guy's, under Dr Wilks, in May

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National Committee to Abolish the Death Penalty, Physicians

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seek tentative answers to four questions: ( 1) What

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threaten tomorrow’s health care system.” 7 Physi-

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person, residing in his or her hut or castle, is called

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weak and irregular pulse, followed by violent and interrupted action

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employed physicians and teachers who carried on the

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sicians, including this year’s national chair Dr. Mark

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patients, about 5600. Consulting Physicians, Professor Christison, Dr C.

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(3) to support the AMA’s continuing role in health

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Pines Golf. Weekly ($700) or monthly. 310/453-2365.