one group of muscles which may show upon electrical test com-
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In the chronic form heart-hurry is almost constantly a conspicuous
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sory fibers, by means of which each side of the brain sends fibers to both
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to this 250 Gm. potato-broth (made of 190 Gm. mashed
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of the vital functions on the other. This fact explains why a single
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remain wrapped in the cloak for one hour, take a fumigation once daily,
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Local ; 2. Greneral. The latter may be (a) Adhesive, when the peritoneal
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must be relieved as speedily as possible by a resort to appropriate ther-
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In this affection the mucous membrane of the mouth and tongue may
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primary and intercurrent, in the course of the chronic form. In my
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feces, nor even turn in bed without the help of the nurse.
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him at times and he always carries a bottle of water because it is liable
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Inspection and palpation of the chest are negative, except when the
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In the lymphatic variety, especially when acute, an early and marked
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variety, (b) It arises not infrequently from local mechanical causes, as
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and, particularly in the eccentric form of hypertrophy, they are often
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vertigo, dimness of vision, dyspnea, somnolence, great soreness of the
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of its constituents. Anemias may be subdivided into — I. Primary or
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In such instances, in which the posterior columns bear the brunt of the
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It is seen in extreme dilatation and advanced exophthalmic goiter. (6)
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distress in the left side of the abdomen — the enlarged spleen. Early
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ciated condition, and the retro-peritoneal lymph-glands not infrequently
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they may be contemporaneous, or the sensory symptoms may even appear
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The diagnosis demands the presence of a diastolic murmur, the