have the approval of the medical profession. The stote
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My object in this paper is to defend to the best of my
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scopic examination these nodules proved to be begin-
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1. ZeltBcbrin f. Htk. u. Infectlonskr., 1001, xxxrl, IBl.
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ters relatiug to the diagnosis of this disease has been
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tended position, thus permitting it to slip forward.
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secretary; Dr. H. Winnctt Orr, Lincoln, corresponding secre-
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72. — See abstract in The Joubnai, of January 12, p. 127.
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how would it suit if lay juries were to decide on the
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41. Notes on the demonstration of methods In gastric therapeu-
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tates the introduction of the cable and renders the same
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time to time. The swelling 'was very much diminished in size.
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the disease or during convalescence, and may persist, it is
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fession relating to medical education, medical legisla-
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outlines of the bacilli of tuberculosis, while the addition
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The House of Delegates shall elect annually, three members
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preliminary to excision of the rectum should be located high
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which forms the lowest point laterally and in measuring
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The temperature for several days ranged from 100 to lOI.
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abscesses, or collections of pus within the lesser peritoneal en-
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is impracticable, and the separation of the delegates
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walls. Description of Turck's experimental method of inducing
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tion follows when 1 to 2 c.c. are ingested per kilogram, increas-
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moment in the young, otherwise healthy, eye as it rapidly sub-
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medical degree to 160 students on May 2S. The doctorate ad-
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treatment and in which it gave most marked. and prompt re-
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141 Diseased Tonsils a Menace to Health. C. F. Wahrer.
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sists of a group of far more unmanageable and persistent
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from the first. In this way the writtr has obtained better re-
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is no reason why every reputable physician should not
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tending the cavity over the nose region, in addition to enlarg-