of melancholia the first step is to gain the confidence of the ptient.

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animal diet lactic and phosphatie acids accumulated in the urine ; and, as

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from "monstrous nocturnal visitors and frightful dreams" ;

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Mycosis (vel Granuloma) fungoides. — Bacilli: found in the fluid drawn

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over-work, and indeed ordered away for his health. The last afternoon in his

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may be more complete. A still higher development of this moral

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correlate them with the epochal neuroses, and the other bodily diseases

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disease. Exfoliative dermatitis is the more expressive, as in the majority

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numerable prescriptions^ many of which are superstitious

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epidermis is likely to exfoliate in large flakes, but does not become

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and with this decay of the social utility of religion has proceeded a

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appearing three days after exposure to infection. The eruption consisted

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must be referred to the article on hysteria, for there is nothing special in

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their lives to the actual or potential author of "The Lives,

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years I have employed massage rather than electricity ; partly because I

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1879. — Ritti. " Folie a double forme," Diet, encyclop. des sciences mid.

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palms and soles sometimes become involved, but always to a less degree

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dose be reduced. In children who have undergone treatment by the

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medicine and surgery (Miller's "Principle of Surgery,"

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in cricketing or shooting costume, or to a race-course in evening dress.

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Annates de derm, et syph. 1885, No. 819 (Vaccinal Psoriasis). — 7. Crocker. Text-Book.

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secretion, and so forth. The pain in migraine, on the other hand, besides

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abeyance. With the succeeding flow of sweat the duct dilates, and this

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(about 5 percent) solution of acetic or hydrochloric acid, which is

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vesicles begin to dry up and to form scabs. Under these scabs the

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so far as it affects the head, the facial muscles usually escape ; but the

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the whole mental field, its strong hold upon the immediate personality,

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outward cause, and the patients will recollect nothing of it. They would

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cases 283 were under the age of twenty-five; 66 between twenty-five

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are often sexually dissolute. But, next to their lack of industry, their

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requires penetration, tact, firmness, and kindness ; on the part of the

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Paper in the Annates de dermatologie, 1884. — 18. Hutchinson. Proceedings 2nd

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dyspepsia and other nervous disorders, the patient was and is a fairly

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which it bears a superficial resemblance in the cicatricial deformities of

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only because under certain conditions nothing better is

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London, instead of being offended the good doctor sent the

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in connection with which disease a peculiarly fatal form of tetany is met

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Goldsmith an M. D.? But whither are we straying? Cow-

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discharges such as those which occur in facial spasm.

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chloasma usually disappear or diminish after the menopause.

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are not always clear, but often such as those above mentioned. Fre-

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ledged to have anything like a specific action on psoriasis is arsenic : but

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educated to be an apothecary, and for a brief period fol-

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by Scott in the Talisman, faith in the virtues of precious