A man in a drunken brawl received a blow with the fist on his

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and his hands resting on the floor, should be caused to cough and

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patient should be made to expectorate first, to find out whether the

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Research Center. He interned at the Center for Spiritual-

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not live much longer in water sugared up to the density of sea-water

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Mr John E. James, surgeon, administered chloroform, and with-

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• Honor and integrity — refusal to violate personal

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Gorlin hasn’t always worked on the administrative side of

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teroid side effects. Table 3 outlines these medica-

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down through the clavicular fibres of the deltoid and pectoralis

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removed the adherent mass, she having been previously put

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distended with gas. The presence of these fsecal masses at the

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brown face as she gazes at the fireplace, a wall of books, and the richly colored

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ous as the others mostly are, the breeze from the Atlantic blows

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drugs cost thousands of dollars a year per patient.

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ally) a financial update and its potential impact on

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ence University of Minnesota; Pines Fodge, Beaver Creek,

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artige stinkende Luft enthiilt niclit allein einen vermehrten Gelialt an Kohlen-

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In August, 1999, 1 was honored to be appointed back

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been raised in no measured terms to sound its future glories, and I may

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about this. Perhaps the Hindoos would consider it a gross piece of

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7. Physicians exhibit a commitment to scholarship and to advancing their field.

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Mary Jo Cordes, MDsearch, PO Box 21507, St. Paul, MN

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ber 14, his weight was 11 st. in his drawers alone, and, feeling quite

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Urgent Care Physicians: Independent group seeking part-

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it is certainly not proved, that an embedded fibroid becomes first a

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ping himself naked, is sometimes abhorrently filthy in his conduct,

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with any one. When his sentence expired he resumed the old

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plays, he was a physician first, a writer second. (He

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as to cause violent distention of the tissues. The patient's state-

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