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the Council during its present session. The proceedings then
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headache comes back, a second nasal spray may be administered anytime 2 hours after
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ing the vaccine to these individuals simply to quell their
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Administration (FDA) requires prominent labeling that
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Mar. 3 Prevention and Management of Atherosclerotic
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tunities locally and nationally. To explore new practice
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discuss with your doctor whether IMITREX is appropriate treatment for you and ask any
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It is in tliis respect that all the treatments hitherto propounded for
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cal dependence and tolerance are normal physiological consequences of extended opioid therapy for pain and should
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22d Dec. — Her gums slightly affected with mercury, but has no
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and faithful service in connexion with the Infirmary, has thought
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gain enough to support her; notwithstanding this, she fell into
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Sept. 10 1999 Primary Care Conference St. Mary’s/Duluth