he says, “ Prostatectomy was performed in Charleston
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Published by the SCMA Committee on Continuing Medical Education
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They must remember that it is necessary to know, before it is
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range of adverse clinical findings in these patients,
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say how far the ignorance of the administrator was to blame.
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M. LONGET, the distinguished physiologist, died at Bordeaux,
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mous with enhancement — is so reluctant to address is working on a screenplay about TB. His Medicine &
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ited (i.e., externally reviewed) programs from provider
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country. But when the primary reason for research is to
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the Children’s Health Insurance Program, will allow him
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and single-handedly cared for her for the next 31 years.
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Oct. 7-8 1999 Oncology Conference St. Mary’s/Duluth
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mation, which is not generally so severe as that which occurs in
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advertisements. The publisher is not responsible for clerical or
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Medical and Surgical and Pharmaceutical Journal, 1814, May.
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derived from independent thought and free discussion, and the genial infiuences
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urged to choose such foods. “The chance of becoming
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many experienced physicians to its value. Thus, in treating of the
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having eaten a slice of white bread and jelly which she had got
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If you know a physician who qualifies for this award, please fill out the attached nomination form and return it to
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Trustees was among eight mountaineers who spent a week
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plishments, but it begins to shrink from this hour like the Peau de
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murmur will be found immediately to precede and to run up to the
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chance of coming up false positive. You weed out some
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whole rank of surgeons, whether styled surgeons or surgeons-major; and the
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of a murmur is, as you are aware, its relation to the several physio-
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or Radford's practice have been without the genius of Simpson ?
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the vessels, as is usual in this disease ; but when the membranes were