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extremely malignant instance of periosteal sarcoma which recurred later in

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sense. Blood pressure systolic 150, diastolic 110. Blood and spinal fluid

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cal Society of the State of New York, 18 Orchard St., Middletown.

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Von Herff {ZeiUchri/t fiir Geburtahulfe und Gyndkoiogie, Band 17, Heft

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contained almost entirely tumor tissue, with a few scattered nerve fibres,

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Registration: Every person that produces, imports, manufac-

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verified at a later period the existence of stricture of the rectum

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given in a form to be issued by the Commissioner of Internal

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and are held in apposition by the pressure of the contents of the

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tion is not only the rule but the characteristic sign " in chlorosis, and

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contact took place, whether during the nursing period from a mother

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ment of the perineal route being imperative, the high operation should be

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filling prescriptions for drug addicts. The case went to the

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scarification, no rubbing in of the virus and no delay while the virus

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that recommended by Fiirbinger, as bacteriological examinations

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and it is for this reason that we are anxious to get them as early

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which later were delivered to a druggist for dispensing, these drug-

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fluence in a specially complex system. At present, we are

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Pulse throughout most of the course was 55. Blood pressure was

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diphtheria culture examiners. I told them what the culture was.

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It was my plan to use 500 c. c. of blood containing 2.5% of sodium citrate.

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tended from the fossa navicularis, nymphse, clitoris, and meatus. The writer

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upright slips of paper to the skin to render more evident the movements

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ture or elsewhere, to raise the tone and the quality of the medical

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The Nerve Supply of the Anus. The rectum and anus are

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healthy ear, but is injurious to an ear already previously affected.

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the trachea. On this principle Wolff has operated in two cases, both of

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sixty in a quarter of a minute [sic']. Then succeeded a period of apncea, fol-

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in 1883. He was married twice leaving three children, Mrs. E.

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considerable quantity of fluid blood escaped which had evidently been

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this plan which should appeal keenly to practically all patients

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SiLVA Araujo (Atlas des Maladies de la Peau, S^e fascicule, 1889), of Rio

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nerves either limits the atrophy or favors the nerve regeneration.

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action, and that to restore vitality to the brain requires that the

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