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For information and Y2K resources, call 1-800-958-4232 or visit

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rived throughout Europe, in Bosnia, Croatia, Greece,

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action is in direct proportion to this feebleness. (3.) The slumber

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dividual idiosyncrasies of character, they were all very much alike

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Vircliow is accused of appropriating the observations of Prof.

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ty Medical Center, for historical reference research; and

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with dark hair, full lips, and brown eyes, shaded by drooping lids,

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" shows the protective power of even imperfect vaccination up to

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frogs and the mesenteries of the higher animals, where they could

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its management in South Carolina: Med. J. So. Carol

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advantage of accounting for a hepatic function and apparatus to the

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Secondly, as to the nature of the attack. The blow was followed

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reports rather than clinical trials or studies. Because of

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epithelial organs, such as the breast and testis, and that, if the

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" IV. The Local Authority shall exercise the powers with which