portrayals of alcoholics and addicts that are intended to

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practitioner from adverse skyey influences ; while to him who

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consisting of four delegates and four alternate del-

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effort. Fortunately, however, a differential diagnosis between a

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arrest and resumption of these vital functions alternating sometimes

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though no stethoscopic signs of commencing pleurisy or other lung

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programs shall conform to regulations of the Health

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little boy coughed up a big roundworm right onto the

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Education ♦ Bibliotherapy ♦ Family Programs ♦ Special

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long been intrigued and troubled by the first para-

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tive and interesting, if true, to find that irritations in a particular

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for the injured individual’s future well being, it

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until they are ready to be on their own. They will cook

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office for the immediate start of your new practice. Contact

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one site. Funding would be pooled across different care

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recommend this operation, but we feel that it is our duty

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of swelling of her feet. Since her fever the pains in her chest

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determined exceptions, are produced. If it is too pungent, and is

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of the Mammoth Cave. When you come to handle life and death

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are not limited, to x-rays, EKGs, Echos, EEGs, cardiac

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pressing this point between the finger and thumb and against the

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not only cattle, but sheep, pigs, and even turkeys, were seized

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conveyed to the central organ, — which may bear the irritation with-

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Our goal this year for South Carolina is $40,000. We have several fun and different ways to reach this

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into poverty. They have been cheaters, peculators, and have used

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When: October 3 and November 7 Where: Medicare Part B Palmetto GBA Government Programs Complex,

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tests will certainly not reach the public unless there is a

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would soon be out of work.” But the patients were also

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has been pale and thick, and has probably owed its entire condition


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