Currently, there are 9,908 participating physician loca-
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prostate cancer from locally advanced to metastatic
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board or to a council for review and re-presentation.
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An aperient was ordered, and he said acted well, but he was not
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Copyright^ 2000 by the South Carolina Medical Association. All rights reserved. The views expressed in this publication are those of the writers
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Council to shorten the several periods of service above mentioned, in such
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medical community and our state in general. Thank you
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Physicians can help prevent inhalant abuse, a dangerous and often
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most conspicuously. Sir Dominic Corrigan of Dublin, and Dr
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porated into our leadership structure. Similarly, the SCMA
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speculations of this nature have actually been adventured.
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reach the vessel incisions will be necessary. If at the wound, tie
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kind to one another and to their patients and commu-
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for non-statutory returns have been met by asylum superintendents ;
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has become so general, such conditions of the organ of vision as
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Thornton & Thorne give the medical community something to think about this month.
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nerves. To the same cause he ascribes the difficulty of hearing and
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of child survival and health in our three case-study
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equipment. We offer an excellent educational, cultural and recre-
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risks that are primary contributors to unintentional
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ant type I and type II patients, but perhaps not as
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