croupous cystitis are similar to those which take place in diphtheritic
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have referred as an example of pulmonary stenosis, the valves were also in-
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Salpingitis (Pyosalpinx).— Inflammation of the Fallopian tube is
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contraction may bind down the tendons of the hand so as to render it
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Symptoms. — Eetention of urine can be distinguished by the fact that
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occurs in connection with acute blood diseases, it is likely to come on very
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is permanently wide open, and the saliva dribbles away. The person
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the tissues evenly, parallel to the vessel in question, and opening the
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of the many theories advanced as to its cause have been accepted. 'JMioso
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smoothness of the epigastrium, witii, perhaps, some bulging of the ensi-
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vascular supply, and that the stom;ich-tissue thus deprived of its nutrition, is .icted upon by the gastric
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prolonged mental labor. In many cases the tendency to " liver comi)laint'*
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plied ; at the same time iodide of potash or iron may be given. It may
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mucus in the bronchial tubes ; in such cases, the normal resonance is dimin-
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education. The various requiremente and the limited number of pupils allowed
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fever, more than in any other disease, patients pass into an apparently
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considerable in amount and increases slowly. It is due to compression of
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the cut surfaces of the needle-hole press against each other and % thus
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above the stricture. The history of the case, together with the presence
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and salicylic acid, boric acid, benzoate of soda, or r.:iuriated tincture of
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quently the tubular structure of the stomach is replaced by a fibro-nucle-
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the dead tissues become swollen and edematous and noxious gases are
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sue cells increase in number rapidly; these, too, exhibit phagocytic prop-
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Emphysennitous lungs do not collapse when the thoracic cavity is
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cleansing the hands. The surface of the body in the neighborhood of
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with diminished expansion on the affected side, or of the whole of the chest
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degeneration of the kidney are the same. That these processes are asso-
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tract unchanged. The discharges are more or less slimy, sometimes frothy,