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rational. He remained in this state till Mr Standert visited him,
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♦ Find information on work-site financial educational programs.
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(Preparations used in Beyendorff’s clinic come from a
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you will have a patient of sense, born with the gift of observation,
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The restoration of the perineum may imply, then, not merely what
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ten children, and who has now been delivered of her eleventh, still-
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to permeate it, and which acted nearly as well as the sphincter ani
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Referral to a psychiatrist with hospital privileges
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York, 1871. Medical Sciences, Jan. to June. London,
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{Read before the Obstetrical Society of Edinburgh, lOth May.)
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Code of Medical Ethics. The Opinions usually are de-
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times puzzling. In addition, far from being discrete
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It is well known, however, that the chemical method of investi-
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did not advocate passage of this bill, it did support
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term connective tissue. This name was originally given in 1830,
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in the tables have been previously published, appropriate
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living. But it’s a mixed bag, presenting complex indica-
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known to act as a special sedative of the nervous or muscular sys-
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AMA. CME. Cat. 1 approved* for 20 hrs. of continuing education credits; extensive
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— British Medical Journal — Practitioner — Lancet — Macdowall's Medical and
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" In previous reports we have stated that there are many points
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■ Tell your doctor if you have liver or kidney problems.
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tericin B therapy. 3 Predominant complaints at pre-