were in so very feeble a state that they had to be retained. The deaths
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carpal bones (from the second to the fifth) have epiphyses at the distal
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I recently met with a case which, from its great interest and extreme
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which has to be taken away, but by the organism minus something which has to
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and injury from, the circumstances of those marches, these causes of
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The animal is isolated in an airy box, which should be kept at a
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together, and the penis divided an inch or so below with a single cut.
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or blood-stained pus, always purulent, and sometimes rich in bacilli.
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the bowels." If, by this statement. Dr. Murray means that diarrhcea
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quently the public, to entertain the subject at all. \Ve have not far to
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which, however, it is much less common than in the dog. The forms
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House of Commons to insert a clause in the Medical Bill giving direct
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touching persons affected with it — and hence, appar-
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permitted his pupil to share his labors, cherished his
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doubt remain, it should be dissipated by the results of inoculations
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feared, though even should a few small bubbles pass into the vein no
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Dr. Marshall proposed, and Mr. Mason seconded — " That the
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The limb is slowly advanced, the stride shortened, and the hoof carried
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by which the animal seeks to allay pruritus. Whatever the seat of
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chloral in solution. In ten minutes, the first rabbit began to have con-
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the enzootic character which the disease sometimes appears to assume
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tracted attention at an early period ; and the articles were described
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Treatment. — Mustard applications to the chest ; three and a half
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change objected to be not persisted in ? In answering this question, there
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of a medullary affection, and he claims to have found in the anterior horns of the lumbar
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cells. The growth was, therefore, not produced by degeneration, as we
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The hair had been removed from the left parotid region by the
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searches the detection of the tubercle bacillus entirely removed this
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Specimens. 6. Models of New Inventions, relating to Public Health,
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