logical acts which constitute a complete cardiac pulsation — that is,
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Fitting the Work to the Worker December 9 - 10, 1999
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his complaint Ims been stationary, or at most very slowly progres-
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Free Medical Clinic’s Pharmacy. This year’s Doctor’s Day
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pose of encouraging medical student and young physician
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likely to be useful ; and we hope that our author will soon have
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Injectable Drugs/Removal of Prior Authorization/Support
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The fact is, a man may be imbecile or melancholic in the morning
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the health literacy crisis. The need is great and your
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macognosy John Staba, Ph.D., and American Botanical
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October he weighed 9 st. 3 lb.,was free from thirst, his drink amount-
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ent stages, showing that the protective effects of the first vaccina-
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creased recovery time, the ability to repair bilat-
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sented himself a second time as a complainant. A few other cases
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land ; John Johnstone Salcomt Johnstone (B. A. Oxon.), England ; Alexander
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but it is generally convenient to dispense with a speculum of any
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and to the formed matter of the epithelial cell that we owe its
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Is it usual for such results to occur? — American Practitioner.
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upon specific clinic needs and qualified physicians receive an
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MN. CONTACT: Victoria Bowler, 701 Park Avenue, Mail
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which health care plans have at times written into phy-
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factitious swelling is the pufiiness of the dorsal surfaces of the hands
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the umbilicus. Per vaginam, the cervix uteri felt rather elongated
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crease the value of the work. We congratulate Mr Mac Cormac on
given by the American Association of Clinical Endo-
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born, owing to shoulder presentation, age of patient, and length of
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12. Cushing RD and Fulgenzi WR: Synovial fluid levels
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through a delicate analysis, or in the spasm of an unfinished ode,