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matic attacks proceed from the alimentary canal, particularly from the

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and the jury; and the result would have been, as far as can

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who had suffered from severe Psoriasis for nine months, and

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the precordial percussion area of dulness greatly increases, becoming

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with gastric ulcer. In other cases ecchymoses and true purpuric spots

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contraction of the pelvis to osteomalacia, which is enor-

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it has been stored in charcoal- lined casks for seven years.

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in the third ventricle. As we have remarked in speaking of brain

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cinated from them were European or Creoles ; and if the

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but this condition may be strangely compatible with good health

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iodide of potassium together witli liquor hydrargyri per-

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During the year i;« patients were under treatment in this institution.

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in imperio within its confines ; and as to the second, the dis-

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• down the river ; for this purpose and for laundry movable

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prompt relief may come from the use of the stomach-tube, with lavage

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Army Medical Stafl' are to be selected from the Examining

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newly-passed man who has gone through a respectable course

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New Members. — Herbert William Crosse, M.B., of Norwich,

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University, the question would be seriously considered. Cir-

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pital plainly give evidence of the tubercular nature of the dex)osit in

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have known in several instances. Therefore, I always enjoin that no

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We have already alluded to that variety of sarcomatous tumors

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also satisfactorily accomplished without pain. In cataract

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cent. NaNOi solution; 1, normal coutractiou ; 2, 0.75 of sodium

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functions are performed simultaneously, but this is probably

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for the draining of grounds, the dividing of the ground into

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and as often accompanied by endocarditis as rheumatic fever itself.

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course of the disease. The bone-marrow is, moreover. Invaded by the

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a great deal more prevalent among men than among women. Many

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letter from Dr. Jephson, medical officer of the western district

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I'ibiTs around the spinal motor cells, in the anterior horn of the gray

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change into a convulsive one, or \ce versi. A patient, with complete

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