in forming a correct diagnosis, and, consequently, in applying the proper me-

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geal branches. He found that although during the first few hours

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yield no otber sublimates than those which come under the descrip-

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uneasiness of the bowels, and there was a constant discharge of bloody

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edition. John Churchill and Sons. London, 1867. Pp. 189.

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scalp, the hair of the patch turns white. No positive

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the action of those causes which in India produce inflammation

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deservedly or undeservedly we do not say, a q)ecial name, neces-

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opium, ammonia, and other stimulants; the latter, instead of doing good, seemed

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the most gradual manner. In every case the inflammation has begun to

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cous membrane was disorganized and pulpy. The spine was particularly

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might not each reserve a ward of three or four beds for cases of

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Abdomen. — ^The os uteri and vagina were bathed with pus^ and

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measures, even though the causative factor is not to be

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bread and milk or crackers and milk, a sandwich, some

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wno, from restricted circuuistances, are unable to avail themselves of the benefit of

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52. Salts of riatina, — According to Dr. Hoeffer, (Gazette Medicale de Paris,)

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rhage into the cyst. This pressure, atrophy, and consequent

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evidence of activity of the process. Previous treat-

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if to this be added the very close resemblance which the morbid

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length into this question and shows how the above albuminuria

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hours; fig. 4, red and black induration. These cases he considers to have

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that is to say, a form of albumen circulates in the blood which

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means of polarized light, those striae whibh present a dark

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the distance between the adjoining striae; and he is equally

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without evidence, that they would or might have terminated in

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with the diet; but certainly in Mr. Durham^s cases there is

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With regard to the distinction between these two forms, Mr.

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this Journal, in a case in which he divided the internal rectus muscle in a patient

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without artificial perspiration; and we have ourselves seen and recognized the

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difierent nature are undergoing development at the same time,

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of rainfall from observations made by M. Roubaudi) —

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When the book reaches a second edition we recommend Dr.